Art has been among the evidence that has proven to us the existance of civilizations in the past……That they had art, convinces us that they were intelligent. 

Art will be among the evidence found by future civilizations that proves we were here.

Art spurs a culture’s growth by exposing observers to a view that exists beyond their established boundaries, showing those boundaries to be nothing more than imagined.

Art exists all around us,

an artist can’t help but see it, can’t help but try to reproduce it, can’t help but point it out in this way.

Art is not practical in the same way that food or shelter or money is. It is one of the necessities within and beyond those things.

It is mingled in with how we get those things and what we focus on after we have them. It is bound with our sense of purpose, along with love, and our beliefs of what is possible.

Take a moment to consider what art means to the legacy, and potentially, even the existence of a civilization.