◊ Philosophy◊

My name is Eric Sutton,

I have a deep appreciation for  the natural world,

especially the mountains and the more remote areas.

The world is an absolute work of art,

I am reminded of this by living where I live, and by travelling,

or by going outside at night and just looking up.

In this fast paced society, I take the time to do these things,

and that keeps an artful view at the forefront of who I am and what I do.

There is so much more to life than anyone ever has imagined.

I expect there is more than everyone even can imagine,

and that is much of what makes it so worthwhile.

I also enjoy movies, and restaurants, books, the convenience of smart phones,

and so many other technological aspects of our world.

I just refuse to leave what might be considered old fashioned

things behind because they bring so much richness to my existence.

I strive to keep priorities straight in my life.

When I struggle with a decision,

I imagine it from the perspective of laying in my deathbed.

From there I don’t say things like, ” I should have spent less time with my wife and kids

to make more money”.

From that bed, I am glad I tried so hard at life, did so much, stayed so curious,

did what I could just because I was able to.

Being proud of my life at the end of it, is the noblest goal I can imagine reaching.

That is how I raise my kids, climb rocks, build furniture, follow my passions……….

I will continue to grow and be changed by the world,

but I expect to maintain and build on this philosophy in the midst of that.

Wish me luck.